About Us

Hi and thank you for visiting our shop.

We are simply old school, to us that means supporting good quality locally and ethically made products from Australia and New Zealand.

 In our busy lives We have always strived to reduce our waste on everyday items we use, and reduce our waste impact we put on the environment. This has meant changing the way we utilise our everyday house hold items, this hasn’t come easy but has been worth every step we have taken, from recycling the correct way through to composting our waste which then gets used in our veggie gardens.

 You will find a unique collection here, we aim to provide something for everybody.

We are a blended family combining old school values in a modern world.  We have been on an interesting journey to merge living near a city with simpler ideals.

You’ll be amazed how changing out the basic items we use every day can make a massively huge difference to our environmental foot print and improving our future and our children’s future one small step at a time and off course the savings you will make by using quality local products.

 Every single product we stock has been thoroughly tested by one of us. From grandparents to new babies, we trial local products so you can be sure they work.

Take a look at our product range and leave a little feed back. Make the change to a greener future today, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are not sure about making a change,  please ask any questions you might have, I'm sure we will have some interesting stories to tell.