Tidy Kiwi

Growing up in New Zealand, we were all 'encouraged' to pick up any rubbish we found lying around.  Putting our own in the bin was just something that was a given.  Everyone did it.  Moving to Australia, this was an incredible eye opener for me, to find the rest of the world didn't look at littering the same way.

I have passed this 'Tidy Kiwi' mentality onto my 'mermaids' and we will often collect a few pieces of rubbish on our way - sometimes within a metre of a rubbish bin.

This is something that is actually a very small change to make, costs nothing, and takes only seconds every day to implement.  

New Zealand has recently relaunched the Tidy Kiwi Campaign - Click on the link below to have a look.


Tidy Kiwi (TK) was born in the late 1960s at a time when tossing your takeaways out the car window was the normal thing to do. Kiwis and tourists alike embraced TK - unifying all of us as kaitiaki (guardians) - and giving birth to New Zealand's clean green identity. TK has had several incarnations over the years,
but nothing definitive in over a decade.

The Auckland Litter Prevention Steering group was formed in 2013 to revitalise TK so that a new generation of New Zealanders can discover this iconic identity and come together to protect what we love. We're a collection of central and local government funders on a mission to bring TK back to life.

Will you join us? We've spoken to thousands to develop a new identity for TK and we encourage you to share it.



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