Our Little Patch of Earth

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I definitely wasn't born with a green thumb, I actually killed a mint plant......twice.

But this post is about our teeny tiny garden in our teeny tiny backyard in our rental.

Somehow all the plants here have survived my very very black thumb.

We have











Not a bad for a black thumb 😁😁.


Now I have to be completely honest here and say it is hubby who waters the plants when we first get them, and he waters them every morning and every night for at least the first week, probably two and after that it's my wonderful children who take on that responsibility and they water them most afternoons.  I'll be completely honest I would totally forget to do this and this is why I kill things because I forget to water the plants so I am so grateful to my hubby, and so grateful to my kids because they are actually the ones that have grown a wonderful veggie garden


 If we hadn't had the veggie garden we would have been buying all of these fruit and veggies and it is so important that we can help make and grow our own food, definitely an old school skill.


Miss Seashell loves celery, and recently planted the ends of the celery into the garden and absolutely amazingly we have grown celery from our kitchen scraps....this was a very exciting moment in our week.

We have specifically chosen materials for our garden and that we can move and so this they're actually little planter boxes that we made out of pallets and there are lined and so when we when we move, this will be quite difficult because it'll be quite heavy, but this can be moved and put up on the back of a truck.  That was something that was really important to us because we are renting and for the longest time I thought we couldn't have a veggie garden or maybe only a couple of little containers, but because we have such a large family I really felt that we needed a bigger garden so it's super super exciting and  you'll you'll see from the pictures that maybe they're not the best looking veggies and maybe some of them kind of look like they're half dead but we're giving it a go and I actually think it's a really really important thing for us to do.

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